Recreation Committee

Caseys Hill


The Recreation Committee meets at 6:00PM on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Underhill Town Hall.

The Underhill Recreation Committee is a volunteer group of up to 7 members appointed by the Selectboard to oversee The Town Pond, Skating Rink, Tennis Courts, Casey’s Hill and various other recreational opportunities in Underhill. We are responsible for the following:

  • Brush hogging Casey’s Hill annually.
  • Pond water testing during swimming months.
  • Tennis court repair and upkeep.
  • Town Pond maintenance and improvements.
  • Skating Rink maintenance and improvements

We are looking to expand the recreational opportunities for Underhill residents. Current ideas include hosting an annual Winter Carnival in conjunction with Mills River Park, additional ice-skating parties and resources, additional Food Truck events, creating recreational programs (nature, crafts, sports, etc.), and beautifying the Town Pond area, amongst others.

Contact the Committee if you are interested in joining. Additionally, the Committee also has various volunteer opportunities available for those not interested in being on the committee itself. To be included on an email list of future volunteer opportunities please send your name, phone number and email address to Committee Chairman Anton Kelsey. Your email will be used solely to inform you of various volunteer opportunities with Recreation Committee projects in Underhill.


Name   3- Year Term Contact
Anton Kelsey Chair         2027  
Wes Carr Member         2027  
Isabel Tuck Member         2027   
Rob Williams Member         2025  
Emilie Soisson Member         2026  
Lynn Kemp Member         2026  
Gunnar Johnson Member         2025  
Levi McEntee Youth    2- Year 2024  
Vacant Youth    


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