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Maple Cross Section


   “If there is fulfillment and perfection, surely it is among the trees, the oldest living things we know. A maple seed ripens, twirls downward into the grass, sprouts, sends a root down, a shoot up, opens a few leaves to catch the sun. It grows, in its own urgency, strengthening year by year. The sapling becomes a tree that shades man and beast, harbors songbird and squirrel, feeds bee and looping worm. Aided only by sun, rain, and earth itself, it lives with the seasons, heals its own wounds, and outlasts its human neighbor. And each spring it is a fountain of sweet sap, each autumn it is a golden magnificence.”


    From Hal Borland’s Twelve Moons of the Year


Hawks and Humans Article




The Underhill Conservation Commission is committed to public education and seeks to help our residents learn more about Underhill’s natural resources and natural communities.  More info on the 2023 Education Series is at THIS LINK. 



 Measure the big trees on your property and enter this fun town-wide contest!  Deadline for entries is November 1, 2023.  Winners will be selected from several categories including largest deciduous tree, largest coniferous tree, and largest white ash tree.  

To enter the contest, fill out THIS FORM for each tree 

OR measure and record: tree circumference, tree species, location, and take a photo of you in front
of the tree (optional) and send the information to underhillbigtrees [at] 

Specific instructions on how to take measurements on your trees
can be found at THIS LINK.  

Sponsored by: Underhill Conservation Commission and the Underhill Natural Resource Inventory and Mapping Committee



Name   4 Year Term Contact
Karen McKnight Chair         2025  
Betsy Chapek Vice-Chair        2026  
Laurie Graham Secretary        2027  
Patrick Lamphere Member        2025  
Trinity Schroeter Member        2027  
Daphne Tanis Member        2024