Climate Change Task Force


The Underhill Climate Action Plan is a call to action for the town and its residents. Following the formation of the Climate Change Task Force in the spring of 2022, the Task Force reviewed current climate change reports and data to learn what actions would benefit Underhill in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change impacts. The draft Plan was completed July 5, 2023 and was reviewed by the Planning Commission over the course of 4 meetings. On September 21, 2023 they voted to adopt the Climate Action Plan as a working document.  Currently the Planning Commission is addressing topics of flood resiliency.  Click the link below to review the plan.

Name   Contact
Sandy Wilmot Chair  
Kail Romanoff Vice-Chair  
Michele Karel Secretary  
Karen McKnight Member  
Michael Oman Member  
Kellen Ingalls Member  
Erik Fiske Member  
Gretchen Dehart Alternate